Liberals Need Conservatives - Geoffrey Asmus - Stand-up Comedy

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Another incredible set of alpha comedy from me, Geoffrey Asmus, at the world famous Comedy Cellar. These are mostly newer jokes from the last couple months. I edited out portions of the set where I told old jokes I have already posted. Let me know if you hate or love the new.
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Drop a comment if you liked or hated the set. Subscribe for daily jokes. And come out to a show and listen to the podcast. Love to all my betas out there.

Also my first special "The Only Funny White Man" will be coming out late January. It will be very good.

0:00 Mocking the Audience
1:12 The Best Abortion Joke
2:07 Liberals Need Conservatives
4:10 The Holidays are too Political
5:34 Confront Family Members
6:50 Hating Joe Biden
7:27 CTE
8:15 I have a girlfriend
9:20 Storming the Capitol
10:40 The darkest joke
11:48 My girlfriend is black
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